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Create your own makeup line without buying any inventory upfront.

Design your own line of cruelty-free beauty products, makeup, skincare, subscription boxes, palettes, or brushes. Let viaGlamour formulate your products and ship them directly to customers in your packaging.

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viaGlamour is a free app. Start your own makeup line, build a website, and sell anywhere.

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Create your own products with natural ingredients.

It costs $0 to create a new product, customize the packaging, label it with your designs, and add it to your shop. viaGlamour only takes a fee if you sell a product.

Launch your store without inventory.

Let viaGlamour formulate your products in our cosmetics lab and ship them directly to your customers for no extra cost. All orders ship weekly with fast trackable shipping.

Add custom products to your own website.

viaGlamour works with your existing website, with pre-built automations for Square, Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, GoDaddy, Google, and Etsy and so much more.

AutomationWorks with 3PLs

Upload designs and download product photos.

We'll give you the first set of product photos to help you launch your shop sooner. Download product photos on multiple backgrounds, several angles, and a variety of swatch photos to download.

Have everything made in Canada, in your own cruelty-free lab.

All of your products are made naturally in a Canadian cosmetics lab and shipped to your customers anywhere in the world.

AutomationWorks with 3PLs

Expand your line with eyeshadow palettes.

Optionally create your own line of eyeshadow palettes in sizes of three, five, or twelve. Each custom made to your color selections.

Create a set of skincare products.

Show products the customer is most likely to add into their order last-minute based on order patterns from other customers.

AutomationWorks with 3PLs

Create custom boxes for unboxing videos.

Add workflows to your pre-fulfillment workflow. For example, you could setup an insurance program and collect all of the profit instead of splitting it with Route Insurance or others.

How it works

Browse through 800+ products to kickstart your brand, everything from makeup, skincare, brushes, and men's skincare.

Marketing product examplesMarketing product examplesMarketing product examplesMarketing product examplesMarketing product examples

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400+ Products

create your own line of lipsticks

Product Bundles

product bundles using private-label lipstick manufacturing

Subscription Boxes

product bundles makeup subscription beauty boxes wholesale.

Branded Packages

individual artistic product designs


individual artistic product designs


individual artistic product designs

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