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Create your own private-label, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty products that arrive to customers with your packaging. Create anything —— your own makeup, subscription boxes, and online store.

Private-label vegan cosmetics for Shopify


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Awareness Boutique
"Amazing this exists! Shipping is fast and the product smells wonderful. The branding is also up to standards; great addition to our shop."
RRIZE Cosmetics
"The liquid lipstick has a smooth, deep, pigmented texture that stays on all day without drying your lips out. The packaging always looks and feels amazing."
David's Originals
"They make a superior product that all my customers LOVE! My cosmetic business is BOOMING because of them."

Fulfill your customer orders with zero minimums

Create products for your shop that are natural, cruelty-free, and are formualted with zero order minimums. You can let viaGlamour formulate your products only after a customer orders them. Dropship formulas that use the highest-quality raw ingredients without needing to pre-purchase inventory.

Grow internationally by letting viaGlamour ship your orders

Create your own makeup line, design all of your packaging, and have your customer orders shipped directly from viaGlamour. We're the only supplier that can create custom products and ship them directly to customers exclusively using your branding.


You can create your own line of beauty products and launch in 40+ markets in five minutes.


European customers can pay taxes at checkout instead of delaying orders with pickup delays.


All of your products ship with your branding, designs, and shipping labels.

Order tracking

All orders ship with a tracking number that automatically gets sent to customers.

In-person sales

You can purchase inventory for your retail shops at wholesale costs to sell with Shopify's hardware.

Free photos

Download free product photography and swatch photos to help customers find the right formula faster.

Unlimited trial

Build your store and trial samples without needing any subscription or a plan.

USPS Mail®

Get affordable shipping rates to reach the largest possible audience for your shop.

Zero disputes

Prevent chargebacks by letting Shopify Pay protect all of your shipped orders for free.

Shopify Pay

Canadian customers can split their wholesale orders over 6 weeks and never pay interest.

Beauty kits

Bundle your products into branded shipping boxes that are sent to customers monthly.

Custom labels

Customize the packing slips that get included in customer orders with your own information.

Create a brand that prioritizes ingredient quality

Launch your business with products that are ethically made in Canada with a selection of natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products for customers to select from.

Start your own online shop without needing to pack your own orders and hold inventory. Let viaGlamour formulate your products with zero order minimums to your customers.

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Orders ship with tracking numbers. More shipping destinations such as Mexico, Greenland, and South Africa are available with alternative UPS® shipping options for qualifying merchants on Shopify.

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