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Beauty Kits

If you want to take your customers' unboxing experience to the next level, consider adding a beauty kit or subscription box to your mix. This is a great way to combine several of your products together into one shipping box, and you can customize the box with your own artwork.

Design a themed experience for your customers, where every element of the delivery - from the shipping box and postage label to the packing slips and product names - is branded with your logo. This will create a cohesive and memorable experience for your customers.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Beauty Kits Introduction

Requires viaGlamour's Plus plan


Beauty kits are perfect for bundling three or four cosmetic items inside. Due to the physical size of these colorful boxes, the large skincare products like the aloe vera gel doesn't fit inside these beauty kit boxes. You're limited to selecting products that are smaller than the beauty kits to ensure every item can be packaged inside of the box.

Bundles also allow you to combine multiple products together but there are a few differences when compared to kits. Bundles have no product restrictions unlike kits, bundles can combine an unlimited amount of products together unlike kits which only fit a maximum of four products, bundles do not ship with a beauty kit box in the order. You can create as many bundles and beauty kits as you want for your storefront.

Product Name

Designing boxes

Each beauty kit box can be designed with a different illustration, design, or logo file that you provide to viaGlamour. Designing products is always free with viaGlamour. There are no setup costs, fees to update designs, or restrictions of how many designs you can create for your products!

You can upload a logo to viaGlamour and have each of the boxes automatically fitted with your logo design.

Upload a logo


When you bundle products into kits there's an additional option to have them fitted into a paper display tray. There are only a few possible product combinations where viaGlamour can provide a free display tray for your products inside of the beauty kit. If you select a combination of (3) products from a selection of concealers, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, correctors, lip conditioners, lip scrubs, eyeshadows, lip balms, or blushes.

If your product selection for a beauty kit doesn't fit the requirements for a display tray, the presentation of products will still be very professional and delight your customers when they open your products. Products without trays will be individually packaged into black boxes and surrounded by kraft paper to cushion the products.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Creating seasonal designs

Each box can be customized with it's own design. The logo on your products can be different than the design that's printed on the box.

Customize the design for the black box

We recommend using Canva to create unique box designs to ensure your designs are always saved in high-quality that's suitable for viaGlamour's minimum product dimensions to manufacture your custom boxes for orders. Try Canva for free and upload your Canva design into viaGlamour to view free product photography previews of how your designs will be printed onto boxes.

Design with Canva

Create unique designs for palettes using Canva

There are six different beauty boxes to select from, each one can be paired with a different design you create on Canva. This is perfect for seasonal designers whereas you could keep a certain style of beauty kits available all year (the plain white kits with the black trim) and create a holiday collection of products for an event like Halloween where both the box the products inside have a completely different design than the rest of your products available in your store.

Create a new Amazon list

Let customers build their own kits

Beauty kits are a specific set of products bundled into a custom shipping box that has your logo design. It can be difficult to create a configuration of products that every single customer will want to purchase considering the diverse ranges of skin tones and product needs. You can create a beauty kit with viaGlamour that has different product options for customers to configure before checkout.

For example, you could create a halloween themed beauty kit with a red gloss, red eyeshadow, and a glistening white lipstick with an optional eye spy sealer included inside of the box if the customer specifies that they want that beauty kit configuration for themselves. Build these kit options by creating several product variants of a beauty kit product to allow customers.

Sampling empty boxes

You can buy a sample of an empty beauty kit box in any color.

Customize the design for the black box

Walkthrough Tutorial

Requires viaGlamour's Plus plan

Follow the steps in this walkthrough to create your first beauty kit box.

Adding products to your catalog

You need to create a few products into your catalog that can fit inside of beauty kits. Select add products from the left menu, browse to the lipsticks section, select on any of the swatches, and click save product at the bottom of the page. Repeat this steps for a few lipsticks or any other kit-compatible product.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Selecting kit compatible products

Navigate to kits on the left menu to start putting together your first beauty kit. You can filter out products that are too large to combine into a beauty kit box by selecting for kits at the top of the products list. Selecting this filter will only show you that products that fit inside of beauty boxes.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Adding the kit to your store

Select three of your kit-compatible products. The box options will start to load previews and you can select any of them to change the color of your beauty kit. You can add these products to your store exactly like any other product in viaGlamour's catalog - click save product at the bottom right of the page.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Sort kits into collections


Find the kit

You can find the recent beauty kit you created in the products section of your Shopify admin.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Edit product tags

Every product has a list of associated product tags that viaGlamour adds automatically. You can use these to organize products.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Edit product tags

Every product has a list of associated product tags that viaGlamour adds automatically. You can use these to organize products.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Create a new collection

Create a new collection from your Shopify admin. Find this page by selecting products from Shopify's menu, and then collections underneath it.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Save an automated collection

Automatically have all of your beauty kits that contain a certain tag collected into a collection. If you specify you want to add products into this collection that contain the word "beauty kit" in their tags, all of your beauty kits will automatically get collected into this collection page. You can create as many automated collections as you want for your store, and display each of them in the navigational menus of your store optionally.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Subscription beauty boxes

Only available on Shopify

If you're not using a subscription app, then you can't manage subscriptions from your Shopify admin. You can still use Shopify Payments to set up subscriptions, but you need to use a third-party app to track and manage them. If you have a subscription app installed, you can view information about your subscriptions in the following areas of your Shopify admin.

Free subscription apps

viaGlamour works with other Shopify app

Orders: You can view and manage your customers' subscriptions from the Orders page. To view only subscription orders, click the Subscriptions link above the orders list.

Customers: You can view information about your customers' subscriptions on the Customers page. Click the customer's name to open their customer profile, then click the Subscriptions tab.

Products: You can view information about your subscription products on the Products page. Click the name of the product to open its product page, then click the Subscriptions tab.

Now that you know where to find information about your subscriptions, you can start managing them from your Shopify admin. If you need help, contact the support team for your subscription app.

Convert a beauty kit product into a subscription

If you use a subscription app to offer subscription products, then you can view a product's subscription details on the product page in your Shopify admin.

If a product or any of its variants have a subscription applied to it, then its subscription details are shown in the Subscriptions section of the product page.

You can limit your subscription products to being sold only as a subscription, or you can enable both subscription and one-time purchases.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products.
  2. Click the product that you want to manage the subscription of.
  3. Select whether to sell the product as a subscription only.
  4. To sell the product as a subscription only, check Sell product as a subscription only.
  5. To sell the product as one-time purchases as well as subscriptions, uncheck Sell product as a subscription only.

Managing subscription orders

All of your customer orders purchasing products with a subscription will automatically be shipped by viaGlamour. Shipping of your products happens automatically if you keep your subscription active with viaGlamour and have linked a card to your account to pay for shipping costs.

Link a card with viaGlamour to automate your order fulfillments.

samples illustration

Automate all your orders

When your store receives orders the entire payment is deposited into your bank account. Add a card to authorize viaGlamour to collect the shipping fees paid by your customer.

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