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Design basics

You can design your product containers within the viaGlamour app. If you don't create any product designs viaGlamour will generate free designs for your business using your store name and your preference of typeface. Merchants on a paid plan with viaGlamour can use the advanced designer editor where you can upload a unique design per product.

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Learning about viaGlamour

Welcome to viaGlamour, the app that lets you create your own makeup line with custom packaging designs! Here's a quick guide to help you get started:

  1. With viaGlamour, you can customize the design of your product containers, shipping boxes, and postage labels to match your brand. This means that every product in your makeup line can have a unique and professional design that matches your branding.

  2. You have two options for designing your packaging with viaGlamour: you can either let us take care of the design for you, or you can create the designs yourself using our tools and templates. This gives you the freedom to design your packaging exactly how you want it. If you don't upload any designs to viaGlamour's app products will automatically default to a typographic design.

  3. The best part? There are no setup fees for creating custom packaging with viaGlamour - it's always free! Plus, we use eco-friendly inks to print your designs onto products. This means that your products can use any colors, gradients, or design elements you want without compromising on quality. Upload new designs to viaGlamour without incurring any fees or setup fees.

Design Basics

Printable Area

Every product has a canvas area that can be customized with your own designs, logo, or illustrations. The customizable area of a product is typically it's largest flat surface area. For example, soap bars accept a design that'll get on the front-side of the packaging that can be stretched edge to edge and the lipstick can use a design that fit's the entire surface of side of the cap. Any file you upload to viaGlamour will automatically be fitted to take up as much surface area as possible.

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Traditionally, product labels and branding have been achieved using stickers or plastic wraps that are applied to the product's packaging. However, viaGlamour uses a different approach that involves printing directly onto the product itself.

This process, known as direct-to-product printing, involves using specialized equipment and ink to print your designs directly onto the surface of the product. The ink is designed to adhere to the surface of the product, resulting in a high-quality, durable finish that won't peel off or fade over time.

Here's how viaGlamour's direct-to-product printing process works:

  1. Product preparation: Before the printing process can begin, the product is prepared by cleaning the surface to remove any dirt or debris.

  2. Design preparation: Your product label or branding design is prepared by viaGlamour's team of designers to ensure that it is optimized for printing.

  3. Printing: The product is then placed into the direct-to-product printer, and the design is printed directly onto the surface of the product using specialized ink.

  4. Quality control: Once the printing is complete, the product undergoes a quality control check to ensure that the printing is of high quality and that the product meets your specifications.

By using direct-to-product printing, viaGlamour is able to create high-quality product labels and branding that are more durable than traditional stickers or plastic wraps. This process also results in a cleaner, more professional look, with no visible seams or edges that can be present when using traditional labels or wraps. Overall, viaGlamour's direct-to-product printing process provides a unique and effective way to brand and label your products that can help your business stand out from the competition.

Design Limitations

While direct-to-product printing is an effective way to print designs on products, there are certain types of designs that may not be suitable for this process. Here are some examples:

  • Designs with drop shadows: Direct-to-product printing works best with flat designs that do not have any drop shadows or other 3D effects. Drop shadows may cause the ink to bleed, resulting in a blurry or messy print.

  • Low-quality artwork: Direct-to-product printing relies on high-quality artwork to create a clean, crisp print. If the artwork you provide is low resolution or pixelated, the final print may appear blurry or fuzzy.

  • Blurry photography: Similarly, if you provide a photograph that is blurry or out of focus, the final print may not be sharp or clear. It's important to provide high-quality, well-lit photographs that are in focus.

  • Photoshop files: Direct-to-product printing works best with vector files, such as those created in Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop files may not be suitable for printing, as they often have a lower resolution and may not scale well.

If you are unsure whether your design is suitable for direct-to-product printing, it's always best to consult with viaGlamour's team of designers. They can provide guidance on how to optimize your design for printing and suggest any changes that may be necessary to ensure the best possible result. By working together, you can ensure that your product labels and branding are of the highest quality and meet your expectations.

Default logos vs Product designs

That's correct! When designing makeup products on viaGlamour, you have two options:

  • Upload a logo file: If you have a logo or design that you want to use for all of your products, you can upload it to viaGlamour's software. The software will then put the design on all of your products for you automatically. This is a quick and easy way to brand all of your products with a consistent design.

  • Upload your own design file per product: If you want to create a unique design for each of your products, you can upload your own design file for each product that you want to sell. This gives you more flexibility to create custom designs for each product, allowing you to tailor your branding to fit each product's unique features.

No matter which option you choose, viaGlamour's team of designers will work with you to ensure that your designs are optimized for printing and look great on your products. They can provide guidance on design best practices and suggest any changes that may be necessary to ensure the best possible result. The illustration below shows how an eyeshadow product could be reusing the brand's default logo on it's container while other product containers have their own unique design assigned to them.

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It is recommended for a Shopify merchant to upload logo variations that are visually appealing and readable on both dark and light backgrounds. This ensures that the logo is easily recognizable and visible regardless of the background color used on the website or product containers.

In the case of ViaGlamour, having logo variations that are visible on different colored product containers is also important. This can be achieved by creating logo variations with contrasting colors that stand out against different colored backgrounds. It is also advisable to test the logo variations on different product containers to ensure they are legible and visually appealing.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores
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