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Understanding IOSS Tax Number for Shopify Merchants

For Shopify merchants looking to expand their market reach into the European Union (EU), it's important to understand the tax regulations that apply, specifically the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) tax number. This guide is designed to help you navigate this aspect of EU regulations and ensure a seamless delivery experience for your customers.

What is an IOSS Tax Number?

The IOSS tax number is a system introduced by the EU to simplify the declaration and payment of VAT for shipments within the EU. It allows sellers and online marketplaces to collect, declare, and pay the VAT on behalf of buyers in the EU, streamlining the process and removing the need for VAT payment upon the arrival of goods.

Why is an IOSS Tax Number Important?

An IOSS tax number improves the online shopping experience for EU customers by:

  • Prepaid VAT: Collecting VAT at the point of sale and remitting it directly to the tax authorities.
  • Faster Customs Clearance: Speeding up the customs process as VAT is already handled.
  • Transparent Pricing: Providing full cost disclosure, including VAT, at the time of purchase.

Why Provide viaGlamour with Your IOSS Tax Number?

By providing viaGlamour with your IOSS tax number, you enable them to collect VAT at the point of sale for shipments to the EU. This is beneficial because viaGlamour is a Canadian company that ships internationally, and the IOSS number allows for more efficient VAT handling, saving your EU customers from extra payments and delays when receiving orders.

Impact on Shipping Costs

Incorporating the IOSS tax number into your shipping process means that shipping costs will now reflect the cost of import duties (VAT).

  • Increased Shipping Costs: The upfront inclusion of VAT means higher initial shipping costs.
  • One Payment: Customers benefit from a single payment without additional fees upon delivery.

Comparison with Other Manufacturers

The requirement for an IOSS number is not unique to viaGlamour; it is a standard practice for any business shipping goods into the EU. This ensures that taxes for imports are always applied, keeping your business in line with international e-commerce practices.

Common Questions

Q: How does an IOSS tax number affect my pricing strategy? A: Incorporating VAT into your prices may increase upfront costs for EU customers, but it will prevent unexpected fees at delivery, potentially improving overall satisfaction.

Q: What happens if I don't provide an IOSS tax number? A: Without an IOSS tax number, your EU customers may need to pay VAT and handling fees upon delivery, which could lead to a negative experience and possible order returns.

Q: How do I obtain an IOSS tax number? A: You can register for an IOSS tax number via the tax authorities in any EU Member State or through an EU-established intermediary.


For Shopify merchants targeting EU customers, the IOSS tax number is crucial for regulatory compliance, streamlined shipping, and customer satisfaction. Providing viaGlamour with your IOSS tax number helps ensure a smoother purchasing process for your EU customer base and positions your business for successful international operations.

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