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Reasons to avoid SPF

viaGlamour has produces that protection UV light, however, most brands are advised not to advertise their SPF rating due to the extensive and costly setup process of registering a new brand with the SPF trademark.

Differences between products for men versus women

Yes, it's accurate that integrating an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating into a product can be a complex and expensive process, especially for new or smaller companies. Here's why:

  1. Regulatory Approval: SPF is a regulated claim in many countries. This means that if a product advertises a specific SPF value, it has to meet the protective standards associated with that value. To prove this, the product must undergo rigorous testing under the brand's new label. It's not possible to reuse one company's SPF rating with another brand when the product is being relabelled.

  2. Testing: To determine the SPF value of a product, it has to be tested on human subjects. The process evaluates how long it takes for skin to burn with the product on versus without it. This type of testing is not only expensive but requires adherence to strict guidelines to ensure accuracy. A new brand can't copy-paste the SPF value of a product when it's being re-labled or manufactured for them. Ratings have to be acquired yearly, by the brand owner, with each iteration of the design.

  3. Liability: Sunscreen and SPF products carry a higher potential liability. If a product fails to provide the advertised protection, consumers could suffer sunburns or long-term skin damage, leading to potential legal actions against the company. When using viaGlamour as a manufacturer, you are not allowed to make broad product claims about products that are outside of viaGlamour's control.

  4. Registration and Licensing: Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be additional costs associated with registering the product as a sun protectant, or obtaining necessary licenses to sell it. In some countries using the SPF trademark is extremely costly and only attainable if your brand has the revenue to cover the expensive registration costs.

For these reasons, many new or smaller companies might opt to avoid SPF claims until they have the financial and operational capabilities to navigate this regulatory landscape. It's crucial for businesses to ensure that they can back up any SPF claims to avoid regulatory penalties and maintain consumer trust.

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