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Chit Chats Select Shipping Guide for viaGlamour

Chit Chats Select Shipping with viaGlamour

At viaGlamour, we strive to offer the best shipping solutions for our merchants. We've partnered with Chit Chats Select to provide an affordable and efficient shipping method to Canada. This guide will help you understand this service better and optimize its use for your business.

Why Chit Chats Select?

Shipping to Canada can sometimes be costly. However, with Chit Chats Select, we've found a way to offer competitive rates without compromising on delivery times. This service leverages a network of trusted delivery partners, ensuring that your products reach your Canadian customers swiftly and safely.

Key Features

  • Fully Tracked
  • Delivery in 2-8 Business Days
  • Insurance Options
  • Return Services
  • Special Features: Delivery Confirmation and Chit Chats Return Labels*

Note: The dimensions for Chit Chats Return labels may differ from the Chit Chats Select service.

Eligibility and Postage

Chit Chats Select is best suited for shipments heading to major Canadian cities weighing between 0.1 to 65 pounds. Ensure the dimensions of your shipment are below 40 inches on all sides. Some items may be restricted, so always check our partner carrier's guidelines.

How to Buy Postage

  1. Use the "Create a Shipment" option in your account for individual shipments.
  2. For bulk shipments, connect your store or use the Chit Chats CSV/API.

Tip: Shipping to an apartment? Include the buzzer number on Address Line 2 to prevent failed deliveries.

Dispatching Your Orders

Organize your shipments and batch them with our other Canadian postage options like Chit Chats Canada Tracked. Once sorted, get them to a Chit Chats branch. Share the tracking details with your customers for a seamless shopping experience.


  • Where can I ship using Chit Chats Select?
    This service is perfect for shipments to metropolitan areas in Canada, especially residential and business addresses.

  • Is safe-drop available?
    Shipments will be left at a secure location if suitable. For commercial deliveries, they may be given to the front desk or end customer.

  • Can I get signature confirmation?
    Signature confirmation isn't available for Chit Chats Select.

Thank you for being a valued member of the viaGlamour community. We're here to support your shipping needs every step of the way.

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