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Chit Chats Collect - Convenient Local Pickups

Chit Chats Collect with viaGlamour

viaGlamour is proud to offer Chit Chats Collect, a cost-effective and convenient local pickup option for our Canadian customers. This service is available at over 40 accessible pickup points across Canada. Simply drop your shipments off at your preferred Chit Chats location, and leave the rest to us!

Key Advantages

  • Full Tracking
  • Fast Delivery: 1-8 Business Days
  • Insurance Options
  • Return Services
  • Special Feature: Delivery Confirmation

Eligibility Criteria

Chit Chats Collect is designed for local pickups, hence only available for addresses within 12 km of a Chit Chats Locker or branch. It's suitable for shipments weighing up to 11 pounds. Ensure your package dimensions are within 34 cm x 42 cm x 20 cm.

Note: For home deliveries, consider using Chit Chats Select or other Canadian shipping options.

Purchasing Postage

  1. Individual Shipments: Use the "Create a Shipment" feature in your account.
  2. Bulk Shipments: Integrate your store or use the Chit Chats CSV/API.

Remember to include the customer's contact details for pickup notifications.

Dispatching Orders

Organize and batch your shipments with other Canadian postage types:

  • Chit Chats Select
  • Chit Chats Canada Tracked
  • Chit Chats Slim

After processing, share the tracking details with your customers. They'll be notified to schedule a pickup at the nearest Chit Chats Locker or branch.


  • What is Chit Chats Collect?
    It's a service where customers can pick up their shipments from Chit Chats at their convenience.

  • What is a Chit Chats Locker?
    Secure pickup points available at select Chit Chats branches in British Columbia and Ontario.

  • Why might Chit Chats Collect be unavailable?
    The recipient address may be outside the 12 km range or contact details might be missing.

  • Can I refund unused postage?
    Absolutely! Refunds are processed immediately for unused labels.

  • What if a customer can't pick up their shipment?
    The shipment will be returned to you after 7 business days, unless they request an extension.

For more detailed information or feedback, please reach out to our support team.

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