Return shipments

Collect undelivered orders to your US address.

Collection Address

Forward lost or undeliverable orders to a US address. If you don't provide an address, viaGlamour will pickup your order returns.

Collect undelivered returns

If an order isn't delivered to a customer because of an address error, you can have the package forwarded to your own address in Canada or the United States.
Product exchanges
No, used hygenic items like cosmetics can not be imported back into Canada for exchanges. You can setup returns for your store but viaGlamour won't be involved in the process.
Lost orders
Orders are rarely undelivered to customers, but can happen if a customer forgets to add their apartment number to an address or moves to another address without setting up mail forwarding. If an order is returned to viaGlamour by USPS, your account will be charged $5.00 USD returns fee and the shipping costs to repeat the delivery to the customer a second time. If you're using your own shipping address for returns, viaGlamour won't be involved in the returns process and no additional fees will be charged to your account.
Skip returns
Return address are optional. You should only add one to your account if you want to collect undelivered packages to your address instead of having viaGlamour manage the collection, postage re-labelling, and re-shipments of your orders.
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