Making the switch: from Pinnacle Cosmetics to viaGlamour to lower costs.

The beauty industry is competitive, and as a business owner, it's imperative to partner with the best suppliers to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. In this article, we'll explore why making the switch from Pinnacle Cosmetics to viaGlamour could be a strategic move for your beauty brand.

viaGlamour produces the same vegan products but will pack, ship, and formulate your customer orders on-demand.

There are no 'design plate setup fees' and photography for your products is always free.

All natural, vegan.
Diverse formula options
Design fees
Free custom packaging

Understanding the Pinnacle Cosmetics Model

Pinnacle Cosmetics is a well-known supplier in the beauty industry. However, the Pinnacle model requires a significant investment in inventory and lacks some customization options for product packaging. Moreover, the burden of order fulfillment and shipping largely falls on the business owner, resulting in additional costs and resource management challenges.

1. Zero Inventory Costs

With viaGlamour, there’s no need for a large upfront investment in inventory. Products are produced on-demand, meaning you only pay for what you sell. This liberates your capital and allows for greater flexibility in product offerings.

2. Comprehensive Customization

viaGlamour raises the bar in packaging customization. It offers extensive design options, allowing your brand to truly stand out. With viaGlamour, you can let your creativity soar without worrying about additional expenses.

3. Order Fulfillment and Shipping Expertise

One of the biggest advantages of viaGlamour is its expertise in order fulfillment and shipping. The company acts as your warehouse and ships orders on your behalf. This saves you the hassle and expense of managing a warehouse, hiring staff, and negotiating shipping rates.

4. Cost-Effective Production

Canadian-based viaGlamour is known for producing high-quality products at a lower cost. Their efficient production methods, combined with on-demand manufacturing, translate into savings that can be passed on to your customers or used to grow your business.

Switch to viaGlamour's cosmetics lab with a free trial. Let viaGlamour migrate all of your designs onto new packaging at no-cost to you. Try samples and use viaGlamour only if you love your products.

  • Let viaGlamour pack and ship all of your orders.
  • Let viaGlamour formulate orders as they roll-in.
  • Use the same UPS, USPS, and ChitChats shipping options.
  • Connect your existing website like Squarespace or Shopify.
  • Have orders ship on a weekly schedule to customers.

Try the ordering experience for yourself

When comparing the traditional fulfillment model with viaGlamour’s service, it becomes clear that viaGlamour offers a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

Try samples

The easiest way to start your own cosmetics brand is with viaGlamour. There are zero minimum orders for custom products, you can customize the packaging of all your products, and products are made in Canada with natural ingredients.

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Design the packaging

Upload a logo and download free photos of how your products will be shipped using your packaging designs. Don't have a design? viaGlamour can create a few free ones for you to pick from.

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Accept orders online

Accept orders online for your products or purchase them at wholesale prices to get them delivered to your business address. You can work both ways with viaGlamour.

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Design your website

We've partnered with most website builders to help you build a beautiful checkout experience for your brand online. You can start a Shopify store (used by Glossier, Kylie, Outdoor Voices) for $1/mo with viaGlamour.

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Try a personalized sample with your logo

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create your own line of lipsticks

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product bundles makeup subscription beauty boxes wholesale.

Branded Packages

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individual artistic product designs


individual artistic product designs

Upload your design and pick out your samples.
No contracts. Zero minimum orders.

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Create your own cosmetics + skincare. Zero minimum orders.

Products are made in Canada and ship worldwide.

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