For a limited time we’re experimenting with an option to design full-height liquid lipstick prints. You can now design the black cap and the transparent glass tube of the product.

There are a few drawbacks to creating a full-height design.

– The ink printed on glass will be 10x more resilient to wear and scratches. If you’re creating designs with tiny details, several text elements, or need a year-long durability of the design then we do not recommend full-height designs.

– Your customers typically won’t fully close the liquid lipstick’s cap. This wil create an angled difference between the closed cap and the glass tube. We recommend avoiding any edge-to-edge design prints to avoid distortion.

You can get start experimenting with a design here.

Please remember that viaGlamour will automatically overwrite all of your liquid lipstick photos if you choose to create a full-height design. This is still a feature being developer, so we may revert your designs if we find the full-height print too unpredictable to print.

If you have any questions, please send us a message!