Typically when a customer receives an email they are shown a tiny blurb of information about the original sender. For instance, an order confirmation email from a store would show that ashley@yourdomain.com from Ashley’s Cosmetics LLC sent an email. However, a few companies like Yahoo Mail would also mention that the email was sent through viaGlamour’s email services.

Starting today it’s now possible to use your own domain name to send all outgoing customer emails. If you own a domain name like AshleyCosmetics, you can choose to send emails from hey@ashleycosmetics.com for free.

Customers from your store will receive email that was sent and authorized by your company’s website with no trace of viaGlamour’s involvement! However – we only support sending customer emails through your domain. You will need to create an email inbox (using services like Google GSuite) if you want to receive email as well.

If you aren’t using a custom domain yet, this feature will automatically be added to your storefront when you add a website.

If you are using a custom domain, please reach out to support to get your account upgrade to use this feature.