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Welcome to viaGlamour, your partner in creating your own cosmetics and skincare line. Our certified vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics lab in Canada empowers you to bring your beauty ideas to life. With worldwide shipping and the ability to customize products like lipsticks, skincare items, brushes, and subscription boxes, viaGlamour is here to make your dream a reality. Whether you're an Instagram influencer or a Shopify store owner, join us for an easy and enjoyable journey where you have full control over your brand. Let's dive into the world of creating your own makeup line!

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Learn about viaGlamour: our commitment to vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics made in Canada. Explore our extensive range of customizable products, including lipsticks, skincare items, brushes, and subscription boxes. Embrace the advantages of partnering with viaGlamour: hassle-free product creation, global shipping, and zero minimum order policy.

Create Your Korean BB Cream Select Korean BB Cream as one of your key products. Tap into our range of customizable formulas to craft your unique BB Cream. Request a sample to test and ensure it matches your vision before making a commitment.

Design Your Custom Packaging Unleash your creativity by designing custom packaging for your makeup line. Utilize viaGlamour's packaging design tools to bring your brand's aesthetic to life. Personalize your packaging to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Integrate viaGlamour with Your Website Seamlessly add your viaGlamour products to your existing website, be it an Instagram profile or a Shopify store. Enjoy the convenience of zero minimum orders, paying only for the products ordered by your customers. Offer a wide range of high-quality products without the hassle of inventory management or shipping concerns.

Creating your own makeup line has never been easier with viaGlamour. Our certified vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics lab in Canada empowers you to turn your beauty dreams into reality. With customizable formulas, custom packaging options, and the convenience of integration with your existing website, you can confidently build your makeup empire. Join viaGlamour today and let your creativity shine!

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viaGlamourâ„¢, a registered trademark. viaGlamour is Canada's first on-demand cosmetics manufacturer, helping entrepeneurs create their own natural makeup line with natural ingredients. Launch your own cosmetics brand with zero minimum orders, international shipping, and custom packaging designs.