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Are you eager to unleash your creativity and start your own beauty products line? Look no further than viaGlamour! We're here to guide you through the exciting process of creating your very own cosmetics and skincare line. Let's dive into the world of viaGlamour and learn how you can turn your beauty dreams into a reality!

viaGlamour is the #1 private-label cosmetics manufacturer. Businesses use viaGlamour to create their own products and get them delivered to customers.

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Create your own makeup line with viaGlamour and accept payments in-person with your Square Terminal for your products.

viaGlamour is your go-to private-label beauty manufacturer that allows anyone to create their own cosmetics and skincare line. We pride ourselves on our certified vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics lab located in Canada. With viaGlamour, you have the freedom to create custom products, ranging from lipsticks and skincare items to brushes and subscription boxes.

Stand out from the crowd with viaGlamour's custom packaging options! We understand the importance of visually appealing packaging that reflects your brand identity. That's why we offer you the opportunity to create your own custom packaging for your products. Let your creativity shine as you design packaging that captures the essence of your brand and attracts customers with its unique charm.

At viaGlamour, we believe in spreading beauty worldwide. That's why we offer shipping services that reach customers no matter where they are. Whether you're targeting local markets or expanding globally, we've got you covered. Rest assured that your carefully crafted products can make their way to beauty enthusiasts around the globe.

Our correctors are the secret weapons to achieve a flawless complexion. Each shade is designed to cancel out specific hues in your skin, providing a perfect canvas for your makeup. Here's a quick guide on how to use them:

  • Yellow Corrector: Ideal for olive or tan skin tones, the Yellow formula helps conceal darker-toned shadows. Apply it to the desired areas to neutralize and brighten the skin, creating a more even complexion.
  • Lilac Corrector: Say goodbye to yellow tones with our Lilac corrector. It works wonders on all skin types, especially for those with lighter skin tones. Apply it to areas where yellow undertones are prominent to achieve a balanced and radiant look.
  • Mint Corrector: For redness and broken capillaries, the Mint corrector is your go-to option. Suitable for all skin types, this formula camouflages redness and evens out the skin tone, providing a flawless canvas for your makeup.
  • Perfect Orange Corrector: To cancel out blue veins, reach for the Perfect Orange corrector. This formula is specially formulated to neutralize blue undertones, giving your skin a smooth and even appearance.
  • Burnt Orange Corrector: Designed for darker-toned shadows, the Burnt Orange corrector works wonders on various skin tones. Use it to conceal shadows and achieve a balanced complexion.

Create your own skincare correctors with viaGlamour for your brand. Zero minimum orders and you can fully customize the packaging to match the look of your brand.

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viaGlamourâ„¢, a registered trademark. viaGlamour is Canada's first on-demand cosmetics manufacturer, helping entrepeneurs create their own natural makeup line with natural ingredients. Launch your own cosmetics brand with zero minimum orders, international shipping, and custom packaging designs.