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Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Learn how to create your own makeup line with custom packaging. Get your first product ready for sampling in a few minutes.

You don't need to subscribe or have a Shopify account to try samples with viaGlamour. You can select your product and customize the packaging for free. It'll ship in a full-sized container that's customized with your design. viaGlamour can ship your sample product anywhere in the world. There are zero minimum orders or design setup fees either.

In this walkthrough you'll learn how to design a product's container, upload a product to your catalog, and order a sample for yourself.

Quick start

viaGlamour can formulate your products on-demand and ship them directly to customers in your packaging as you receive orders for your products. You can setup a store with viaGlamour anywhere: Instagram, Shopify, Amazon, Square, or anywhere else. We recommend creating a Shopify account if you don't have an existing website. Shopify will help market your products and manage an online store for you while viaGlamour ships your customer orders behind-the-scenes.

You can skip these steps if you're only interested in try a sample without any designs on the product.

diagram on fulfilling works with shopify for cosmetics

Create a free Shopify

Step one

Start your 14-day trial

Set a username for yourself to try all of Shopify's features

Install viaGlamour

Add viaGlamour's free app to your new Shopify store. You can create products, try samples, and manage orders all within Shopify.

Shopify Integration

Not connected

Connect Shopify to your viaGlamour account to sync your products and orders. You can create a free Shopify account to get an online store. Your first order gets free shipping.

The app is free to install on your store.

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Pin viaGlamour

Click the pin symbol to pin our app to your Shopify navigation. You can access our app through Shopify's admin or Shopify's mobile apps.

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Create your first product

Step two

Next, find a product formula that you want to try for your sample order. Select a color swatch and then add it to your catalog. If you're using a free Shopify account you can select the order sample button to immediately checkout with the product sample.

Browse our 400+ product formulas

Everything is cruelty-free and made in Canada.

Order samples

Step three

Try samples of any product you create with viaGlamour. Select try samples on the left app menu to browse your recently created products.

Try samples

You're only charged the cost of ingredients and shipping.

Any samples you purchase will ship within a few days. You can try (1) product per order on a free account. Select any plan with viaGlamour to remove the limitation from your account. If your account has an active subscription with viaGlamour you can add more products per order and get better wholesale pricing on products.

Shipping costs

Browse the shipping costs for each country.

Eyeshadow palettes

Learn how to create eyeshadow palettes.

Canva designs

Upload your own packaging designs from Canva.

Subscription boxes

Build a subscription beauty box business.

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