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Designing Containers

Design basics


You can design the product containers, shipping boxes, and postage labels with viaGlamour. Every product can be customized with a design that matches your brand. Either let viaGlamour prepare your design onto products or create the designs yourself.

There are no setup fees to create custom packaging with viaGlamour, it's always free. Your designs are inked onto products using eco-friendly inks which allow your products to use any colors, gradients, or design elements without compromising on quality.

Printable Area

Every product has a canvas area that can be customized with your own designs, logo, or illustrations. The customizable area of a product is typically it's largest flat surface area. For example, soap bars accept a design that'll get on the front-side of the packaging that can be stretched edge to edge and the lipstick can use a design that fit's the entire surface of side of the cap.

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Default designs

viaGlamour will provide you a free design for every product that's generated using your store name and a typeface you can select.

Save your store name

Don't have a logo? Type your brand name.

You can upload a logo design later.

Pick a typeface

Change the font of your design.

  • Berkshire Swash


  • Poppins


  • Rammetto One


  • Pacifico


Design Options

You can either design every product with a unique design or provide viaGlamour with a logo file that will get rotated, cropped, and fitted to every single product's unique dimensions on your behalf. There are no design setup fees and you can provide viaGlamour with an unlimited amount of files.

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Uploading Logos

To use the same design across all of your products you need to upload (2) different variations your logo: a design that will work on light surfaces and a design that will work on lighter surfaces. If your design is legible on both types of surfaces you can upload the same file for both logos. When these two files are uploaded, viaGlamour will generate photo previews of your products with the appropriate design on the product container.

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Designing Product Categories

After you've uploaded your primary logo files, you can create product-specific designs that'll replace the logo file being used on the product. For example, you could have all of your products use your logo design but design a unique illustration for the foundation containers that feature a different color palette than your logo designs.

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  1. Find the product you want to design in viaGlamour's packaging catalog

    Browse our packaging catalog

  2. Copy-paste the product dimensions which will look something like "1000px by 1000px". Input these into any design program.

    Get the dimensions for eyeshadows

  3. Use Canva to create a design file with the width and height of the product.

Design with Canva

Create unique designs for palettes using Canva

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