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All of your orders are automatically fulfilled by viaGlamour. Your products will be formulated, packaged into your branded containers, and shipped to customers a few days after their order on your store.

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Limitations on free plans

viaGlamour isn't able to fulfill any orders for free accounts. You'll need to select any plan with viaGlamour to allow customer shipping.


In the next few steps you'll see how your customer orders will be shipped.

Customer creates an order

Customers can create orders with your store in-person, Shopify, Square, Zapier, or anywhere else. The customer's entire payment is always deposited into your selected payout method managed by the platform you're using to host your storefront. In the example below, the storefront is hosted on Shopify and the customer's entire payment by credit card will be deposited into the shop owner's bank account a few days later. The shop owner will receive the full payment for the product and shipping costs.

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Your store accepts the order

On Shopify, Square, and WooCommerce orders are automatically monitored by viaGlamour for any product orders that have to be formulated by our lab. On Shopify you'll see a button called request fulfillment that allows you to manually request an order to be shipped by viaGlamour. For most Shopify stores this fulfillment process is automated on your behalf unless there's an error preventing the order from being shipped like a missing address or incomplete customer information.

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

viaGlamour gets notified

You'll always receive an email notification from viaGlamour when a new order is fulfilled. If there is something preventing the order from being shipped, you'll be alerted by email and with an alert on your dashboard. In the example below, the order couldn't be fulfilled because the shop is on a free trial.

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Insufficient funds

If your account doesn't have enough funds to pay for the customer's selected shipping costs the order will be declined. You can quickly resolve this by adding any credit card to your account.

No cards saved

To automate order fullfillment, add your credit card to your viaGlamour account.

Free accounts

Free accounts can't fulfill real customer orders with viaGlamour. You can quickly resolve this by selecting any plan with viaGlamour.

Subscription pricing

Select any plan to enable customer shipping

Insufficient address

Orders will not be fulfilled if there is a missing or incomplete shipping address. You can quickly resolve this by adding a first name, last name, address, city, postal code, and country to an order.

Fulfillment response

If an order is accepted for fulfillment you'll be notified by email and a tracking number will be instantly attached. Tracking numbers attached to orders will take a few days to begin showing tracking events, but is still provided to quality you for Shopify Insurance (US Shopify owners Only).

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Tracking orders

Your customers will receive a notification from your storefront, with only has your brand, that their order has shipped. viaGlamour will send a separate notification to only the store owner with tracking information to the order. You'll receive updates when the order has been formulated, shipped, and delivered to the customer.

viaGlamour never emails your customers

All of your customer notifications are sent from your store. The emails are branded with your logo, sent from your domain name, and have zero mentions about viaGlamour on them. Your customers will never know that viaGlamour was involved in formulating or shipping your products.

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

Overview of viaGlamour's features!

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