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Limited Edition Products

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Create unique designs on specific products or formulas that are different from the rest of your catalog. Upload and change any time without incurring any additional fees.

Collaborate with viaGlamour

Before you spend time designing new product designs, contact your account manager at viaGlamour to verify that your designs are being submitted in high-quality. Get approval to prevent orders from being placed on-hold due to quality issues in your file.

Quick start

You can upload designs that are unique to a unique formula. You can use this to create a limited edition product lineup or beauty kit.

Find a product to differentiate

From the designs page, select limited edition at the top of the page to load a list of every product formula available at viaGlamour. Select any of the formulas to bring up options to upload a design specifically for that unique product. Any designs you upload will forever be attached to that specific formula.

Shopify Perks for beauty stores

Design the product

You can upload a design to the specific product after it's been selected. All orders of this product will use the design you've uploaded.

Create a new Amazon list

Design with Canva

Create unique designs for palettes using Canva

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