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Start a makeup brand on Instagram

Create your own natural makeup line with viaGlamour and start selling on Instagram directly. Let customers browse, shop, and checkout from your profile instantly. Customer orders will all be shipped by viaGlamour.

Monetize your bio with your own line of products.

Works with
Instagram + Facebook
Shipping Speeds
2-4 days via USPS
Custom Packaging

Create a store in minutes

Make your social network your business network by sharing products on Instagram, WhatsApp, or anywhere else—providing customers quick and reliable transactions with Shopify checkout.

Add Products

Create new products in our app that you can link to Instagram posts

Sync Tracking

Let customers shop your profile and get tracking numbers when products ship

Work Remotely

Travel the world while viaGlamour ships all of your orders

Monetize Your Bio

Link to your products and other links from your bio

Expand Online

Get your own .com website when you're ready to expand

Custom Packaging

Design the packaging, product names, and influencer gifts

Try a personalized sample with your logo

400+ Products

create your own line of lipsticks

Product Bundles

product bundles using private-label lipstick manufacturing

Subscription Boxes

product bundles makeup subscription beauty boxes wholesale.

Branded Packages

individual artistic product designs


individual artistic product designs


individual artistic product designs

Try customized samples.
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