Pricing for everyone

Create and sell a new product in your store for $2/m. We’ll formulate your cosmetics and host your website for no extra charge.

Included features for all viaGlamour shop owners.

Custom designs

Create packaging for your cosmetics with your own logo, artwork, or designs.


Design a catalog where every product uses high-quality ingredients and formulation.

Website editor

Easily customize your website without having to write any code.

Online storefront

Create your own online store for customers to shop your catalog.

Accept payments

Accept a variety of payment options such as credit cards or Apple Pay.

Custom domain

Use your own domain name or website for your cosmetics store.

Private Label

Remove all of viaGlamour's branding from your store and products.


Sell cosmetics that meet regulation and shipping requirements.

Product photos

Have professional photos taken of your cosmetic products for free.

Vegan products

Create an inclusive cosmetics line with vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural products.

Automatic Payouts

Get paid instantly after every sale from your online store.

International shipping

Open your store to an international audience with affordable shipping rates.

Will I have my own website to sell cosmetics?

Yes! We’ll help you create a custom website for your brand. You can design & customize your store without writing a single line of code! Your customers will be able to browse your catalog, purchase cosmetics, and track their order on your website without encountering any of viaGlamour’s branding.

Can I try samples of the cosmetics?

Of course! You can request samples of your products after you have joined viaGlamour and designed your products.

How much will I earn from viaGlamour?

Depending on the cosmetics you want to sell – the base cost to produce, develop, package and ship your products may fluctuate from $4 to $22. You decide how much you want to earn per sale by adding your profit to the base cost.

For example, you could sell a limited edition vegan liquid lipstick for $20. If the base cost to produce the product is $11, you would earn $9 per sale. All of the payment processing fees, shipping, handling, website hosting, production development, customer service, tracking numbers, and formulation development is handled by viaGlamour within this cost.

Are there minimum sale requirements?

None! We’ll formulate and ship your cosmetics regardless of the quantity you sold.

How much does it cost?

It costs $2/m for every product you decide to sell on your store. For example, if you sell ten shades of liquid lipsticks your monthly subscription would be $20. You can switch out products anytime without increase your charge.

Tiny fees, unlimited business potential

viaGlamour is the all-in-one platform to create a beauty brand. Choose your cosmetics, try their samples, and start selling online.