Add a Mailchimp form to your store

Mailchimp is the easiest way to collect emails and send emails! You can add your own sign up to your store’s about page in a few easy steps.

You’re going to need a Mailchimp account! Head over to their website and signup.

When you’ve completed the signup, head over to the lists tab¬†and select the list where new subscribers will be added.

After you’ve selected the list, navigate to the Signup Forms tab and select Embedded Forms.

You will need to select the unstyled form before customizing your form. You can change the fields, options, and the information you want to get from the new email subscriber afterward.

Copy the large chunk of HTML code found on the bottom of the unstyled form page, go back to your viaGlamour storefront customization page, select the about page, create a new tab, and then paste the HTML into the content field. Just make sure to select the HTML option! on the form!

Save the form and you’ll see your Mailchimp signup on your about page. It’s that easy!

Upload your downloaded design when you are ready!