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Are there bulk discounts?

viaGlamour provides discounts on wholesale orders.

You can always order your own products at wholesale costs without minimum order quantities (commonly known as MOQ) from viaGlamour. Any of your formulas and product designs can be produced on-demand for you! When ordering large quantities of products for yourself, viaGlamour has additional bulk discounts that you can optionally claim for your order. From May 2022, you can create a wholesale order for yourself and get a 7.00% discount on your purchase when paying through Bitcoin via any supported app like CashApp, Coinbase, Shopify, or Swan. For orders paid with a banking wire we offer a 5.00% discount on your order volume or for any account balance that you use to fulfill customer orders with.

Create wholesale orders with viaGlamour with additional discounts.

We work with Swan Payments. Swan.

Send and receive money with TransferWise using any currency.

Create a free TransferWise account for wholesale discounts.

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