Should I upload a PNG, JPG, EPS, or SVG?

File formats can make a significant difference when creating a design for print. We always prefer the original vector files, an SVG, because they can be modified without a loss of quality. There are two main file formats your design could use.

– Vector files are graphics that can be infinitely resized without a quality loss. This file type is not required, but we prefer this file type over any other. If you’re unsure about the file format, check the name of the file. Vector files will often have a name similar to, image.eps, or image.sketch.

– Raster files include photographs, images found online, and any graphic from image editors such as Photoshop or GIMP. These files can still be used, but we require a large resolution of the designs to ensure a high-quality print. Ensure that your image meets our requirements of being at least 1500px by 1500px in size.

If you already have design files, please use our templates to ensure your artwork is printed flawlessly. Our product designer tool handles this automatically, so you can safely rely on its upload feature Otherwise, you can send us the original files and we will test if the design can be printed without additional adjustments.