Use Canva to design the packaging

Our free design editor is a great choice to quickly make great looking packaging designs, but if you need a larger selection of templates you can quickly get started with Canva.

Canva is a free online tool you can use to create a design. It is available on the computer and as a phone app. Create a free account, click ‘Custom Dimensions‘ on the top menu, and type in the dimensions for the product design you want to create. You can find a table below with that information. For example, if you want to create a lipstick design you should set the width to 500px and height to 500px.

Product Width Height Type
Liquid Lipstick 1044 4958 Pixels (px)
Liquid Lipstick Full 236 2004 Pixels (px)
Lipstick 492 1340 Pixels (px)
Eyeshadow 1208 1208 Pixels (px)
Eyeshadow Palette 4060 790 Pixels (px)
Mini Eyeshadow Palette 2384 792 Pixels (px)
Individual Palette 4060 790 Pixels (px)
Blush 1544 1544 Pixels (px)
Gel Eyeliner 1544 1544 Pixels (px)
Illuminator 590 1296 Pixels (px)
BB Cream 590 1296 Pixels (px)
Foundation 1696 3070 Pixels (px)
Lipgloss 1224 5478 Pixels (px)
Lip Scrub 900 900 Pixels (px)
Lip Conditioner 900 900 Pixels (px)
Concealer 1044 4958 Pixels (px)
Kit 2000 2000 Pixels (px)
Glitter 458 810 Pixels (px)
Packaging 2000 2000 Pixels (px)
Logo 4000 2000 Pixels (px)
White Notrim 2000 2000 Pixels (px)
White Blacktrim 2000 2000 Pixels (px)
Red Whitetrim 2000 2000 Pixels (px)
Kraft Blacktrim 2000 2000 Pixels (px)
Cyan Whitetrim 2000 2000 Pixels (px)
Black Whitetrim 2000 2000 Pixels (px)

When you’ve finished your design on Canva – click Download on the top menu, select High Quality Print PDF, download the design to your computer, and then upload it to viaGlamour.

Upload your downloaded design when you are ready!