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What is cosmetics dropshipping?

You can have viaGlamour ship orders instead of doing it yourself!

When starting your own makeup brand you can decided between purchasing products at wholesale costs from a lab and shipping your pre-purchased inventory to customers as your store receives sales or have viaGlamour formulate, brand, package, and ship your orders directly to customers only if your store has received an order from a customer.

It's never been easier to grow a makeup brand internationally when viaGlamour can give you the lowest wholesale cost on products and you're account is only charged for the formulation of an order if you've already made a sale! Dropshipping orders lets you focus on growing your brand while your orders, logistics, labels, shipping boxes, branding, and inventory costs are handled on your behalf as orders are fulfilled for you.

View the formulation cost of a product like our lipsticks Swan.

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