Concealer swatches now available

We've created swatch photos for all of our concealer products. You can use them without limitations on any product listings. Add them to your Shopify store by ticking the checkbox 'add product swatch' before adding new concealer formulas to your shop.


Australia, NSW experiencing delays

Please expect delays into Australia due to widespread lockdowns and limited outbound flights from the USA into the country due to new flight restrictions. For New South Wales and regions nearby, shipping carriers are advising that customers deliveries could take up to 60 business days into affected parts of their country regardless of the selected shipping carrier or shipping method.


Switching to the talc-free versions of eyeshadows

At the end of October we will begin to exclusively create the talc-free version of our eyeshadows for all customers. The existing catalog of eyeshadows that aren't talc-free will be delisted, and if customers purchase these archived eyeshadows their product order will be matched closely to the newer catalog during fulfillment.


New bronzer and cream highlighter products

Starting today, we're now manufacturing cream highlighters and bronzers for your beauty brand. We're using the same high-quality ingredients that are in our other skincare products, and a flat matte black packaging with your branding on the entire front-facing surface.


Improved UK shipping times

We're using a new shipping provider for UK customer orders, with average shipping times reduced from 14-45 days to 14-20 days. Standard rates have not changed, but seasonal rates may differ.


Lip conditioners and scrubs have new packaging

All of our lip conditioners and lip scrubs will now be using packaging with white caps and have more formula filled inside each of the containers. There are no pricing changes for these improved containers. All customer orders will automatically switch to these containers.


New liquid lipsticks for Halloween

We're introducing a deep red liquid lipstick under the name of 'Hot & Spicy' and a pumpkin color with the name 'Coral'. Both products will be vegan like the other liquid lipsticks and become permanent additions to our catalog.

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