Start your own makeup line

Start a cosmetics business with your own line of products without having to ship or formulate the cosmetics yourself.

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Create your makeup line from a selection of hundreds of products you can individually customize with your own designs.

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Affordable Pricing

You only pay $2/m for the products you decide to sell in your store. There are no minimum order quantities.

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Vegan Options

Create a respected brand with cruelty-free, paraben-free, chemical-free, all natural, and vegan-friendly product selections!

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Custom Website

Customize your own website that you can design with your own branding, layout, and color scheme.

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Pro Tools

Access pro tools for custom domains, using your own website, and advanced fraud protection.

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Reliable Shipping

viaGlamour will formulate and ship your cosmetics to customers every week. Parcels always ship with a tracking number.

Focus on your brand, we'll do the rest.

Offer high quality, cruelty-free products.

Process payments to get you paid quickly.

Fulfill your customers' international orders.

Print your designs on beautiful packaging.

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Ready to start your makeup line?

Start your very own makeup line with custom packaging, online store, and on-demand shipping for your products.