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About viaGlamour

Founded in 2018 by Kiril Climson. Recognized as award-winning Shopify ecommerce coaches. The original dropshipping app for beauty products. Supply over 2500+ Shopify brands.

In a world where the mantra "the customer comes first" often gets overshadowed by the demands of stakeholders and investors, viaGlamour Cosmetics Lab emerges as a beacon of independence and innovation. Rooted deeply in the belief that entrepreneurship should be accessible and not reserved for those with deep pockets or investor backing, viaGlamour embarked on a journey to democratize beauty.

This journey wasn't initiated from boardrooms or fueled by venture capital. Instead, it began with a vision—a vision to empower aspiring beauty entrepreneurs to launch their lines without the daunting costs typically associated with product development in the cosmetics industry. viaGlamour was not the company making headlines or sponsoring high-profile events; it was the gem discovered through word-of-mouth, the passionate recommendation shared between aspiring business owners.

In the early days, viaGlamour was the epitome of a bootstrap venture. The CEO, oscillating between pitching to potential partners and handling customer support, embodied the multifaceted challenges of running a self-funded startup. This was a business built on sheer belief and determination, where success was measured not just by profitability but by the ability to stay afloat and grow amidst uncertainty.

Launching a self-funded business in the competitive cosmetics industry was far from a safe bet. The team at viaGlamour knew the risks—they worked tirelessly, often from month to month, driven by the faith that their efforts would eventually bear fruit. And while not every day was a victory, the mere act of launching was a triumph, and persevering through the highs and lows became a source of immense pride.

What sets viaGlamour apart in the crowded beauty market is its unwavering commitment to its customers—beauty entrepreneurs dreaming of launching their lines. For viaGlamour, customers are not just numbers in a database; they are the heart and soul of the business. Feedback from these entrepreneurs doesn't get lost in automated workflows; it becomes the inspiration for new features and services. Every name, every story matters to viaGlamour because behind every order is an individual's dream of creating something unique.

By choosing to support an independent, self-funded business like viaGlamour, customers are endorsing a company that truly puts them first. They are investing in a vision that values diversity, innovation, and personal connection. Supporting viaGlamour means championing a community of entrepreneurs who are given the tools to thrive without the traditional barriers to entry in the cosmetics industry.

viaGlamour's story is a testament to the power of human ingenuity and perseverance. It's a narrative that celebrates the spirit of bootstrapped businesses and the individuals behind them—real people with dreams, challenges, and the courage to take the road less traveled. As viaGlamour continues to grow and support the aspirations of beauty entrepreneurs worldwide, it does so with pride in its origins and hope for the future it's helping to shape.


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