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How does it work?

From where does viaGlamour formula products?

We're thrilled to say that viaGlamour is based in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada! Our cosmetics lab, right in the heart of Toronto, is where all our product magic happens. We source our ingredients locally from Canada and the U.S., ensuring everything meets the rigorous standards of Health Canada. Unlike many other dropshipping options which use low-cost unregulated Chinese ingredients, our products are proudly Canadian, bringing you top-notch quality with every order.

What are the dropshipping costs?

viaGlamour offers shipping rates that are surprisingly lower than what you'd find at your local post office. Our fees start at just CAD 4.99 for Canada, USD 5.99 for the U.S., and USD 9.99 for other international destinations. Your shipping cost is based on the total weight of your order. We always opt for the most cost-effective shipping method for your customers, but if you need it faster, just say the word, and we can upgrade to priority shipping to meet any tight deadlines!

What's the minimum order quantity?

Here's something we think you'll love: there are absolutely no minimum order requirements at viaGlamour! You can order any amount of any product, and we'll ship it in your custom packaging. Imagine having access to over 800+ products for your storefront without needing to stock a single item. Your store can reach global heights, all without any upfront investment in inventory. Plus, we freshly formulate your orders each week!

Can I place wholesale orders?

Absolutely, and we're excited about this option for you! You're more than welcome to purchase our products at wholesale prices for your business. Or, if you prefer, we can partner with you to ship orders directly to your customers as they are purchased. It's all about flexibility and making sure your business thrives!

How many products does viaGlamour have?

There are over 800+ formulas that viaGlamour can formulate for your brand. Instead of buying them yourself and handling the customer orders yourself, you can let viaGlamour ship all of your customers for you. You don't have to purchase products ahead of time. You only pay for a product's production if you make a sale online. And the best part? You keep all a majority of the profit each time you make a sale online.

Can I sell on TikTok Shopping?

Yes! You can create custom products with viaGlamour and sell them to your customers on any platform. Grow your business on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, TikTok, and other platforms. As long as the orders are synced to Shopify, viaGlamour will be able to fulfill them all for you.

What's the average processing time for orders?

Orders are formulated Monday to Friday by viaGlamour and reserved for your customer orders. On Fridays your customer orders are branded with your designs and dispatched with shipping carriers over the weekend. Across the US orders arrive three days later, across Canada it's four days later, across the UK it's ten days later, and anywhere else can be up to three weeks.

Can I include custom marketing materials in my boxes?

Yes, you can include custom packing slips and customer messages inside of your orders. Contact viaGlamour support to add this feature to your account.

Where can viaGlamour dropship my products?

viaGlamour offers low-cost dropshipping to international destinations for numerous countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

If your country is not on this list you can still signup and sell to customers in other countries.

In addition, viaGlamour can ship products at wholesales prices to you anywhere in the world

What are the wholesale product prices?

Here are the approximate prices for custom product formulations. You can customize products with your own designs, boxes, product names, and branding for free.

Liquid Lipstick - USD 5.40

Lipgloss - USD 4.87

Clear Lipgloss - USD 4.87

Lipstick - USD 5.48

Lipbalm Vitamin E - USD 5.57

Lipstick - Matte - USD 5.48

Lipstick - Satins - USD 4.61

Concealer Wheel - USD 11.48

Lipstick Wheel - USD 9.57

Vitamin C Skincare - USD 8.70

Vitamin E Skincare - USD 13.48

BB Cream - USD 10.74

Beauty Blending Sponge - USD 0.57

Blush - USD 5.48

Bronzer - USD 7.66

Brow Fix Gel - USD 5.74

Color Intensifier - USD 3.83

Concealer Trays - USD 9.57

Concealer - USD 8.42

Eyeshadow (Matte) - USD 3.94

Eyeshadow (Matte) Refill - USD 3.05

Eyeshadow (Sparkling) - USD 3.94

Eyeshadow (Sparkling) Refill - USD 3.05

Eyeshadow Sealer - USD 3.83

Eyeliner Pencil - USD 3.83

Foundations - USD 10.74

Foundations Mini - USD 7.79

Gel Eyeliner - USD 5.74

H20 Primer - USD 12.27

Gel Eyeliner - USD 5.74

H2O Primer - USD 12.27

Silicon Primer - USD 2.00

Hand & Body Moisturizer - USD 6.61

Highlighter Cream - USD 9.35

Highlighter Powder - USD 9.35

Illuminator - USD 7.66

Liquid Eyeliner - USD 5.90

Lipgloss Wands - USD 5.22

Lipgloss Holographic - USD 7.31

Lip Pencil - USD 7.31

Lip Conditioner - USD 5.00

Lip Scrub - USD 5.00

Lip Plumper - USD 5.40

Makeup Remover - USD 5.40

Mascara - USD 6.14

Mineral Stardust Glitter - USD 4.61

Eye Cream - USD 11.96

Day Cream - USD 15.31

Night Cream - USD 15.31

Moisturizing Cream - USD 8.61

Anti-Aging Serum - USD 16.74

Eye Cream for Men - USD 11.96

Day Cream for Men - USD 15.31

Night Cream for Men - USD 15.31

Moisturizing Cream for Men - USD 8.61

Anti-Aging Serum for Men - USD 16.74

Clay Mask - For Sensitive Skin - USD 6.92

Clay Mask - For Oily Skin - USD 6.92

Soap Green Tea - USD 5.00

Soap Lavender - USD 5.00

Soap Rose & Honey - USD 5.00

Soap Organic Basil Bar - USD 5.00

Soap Rosemary - USD 5.00

Soap Organic Neem Bar - USD 5.00

Sunflower Face Scrub - USD 7.66

Tea Tree Gel - USD 7.60

Aloe Vera Gel - USD 5.00

Translucent Powder - USD 11.09

Transparent Compact Powder - USD 9.35

Tattoo Coverage - Original - USD 23.92

Tattoo Coverage - Dark - USD 38.27

Tattoo Coverage - Primary - USD 38.27

Brush Powder Blush Blender - USD 4.79

Brush Crease - USD 2.61

Brush Chisel Blender - USD 4.44

Brush Foundation - USD 5.44

Brush Oval Lip - USD 2.40

Brush Concealer - USD 2.40

Brush Duo Fiber - USD 2.96

Brush Angled Liner - USD 2.40

Brush Crease - USD 2.61

Brush Pointed Contour - USD 3.14

Brush Small Detail - USD 2.40

Brush Pro Blending - USD 2.48

Brush Detail Crease - USD 2.40

Brush Crease - USD 2.87

Brush Brow - USD 2.40

Clay Mask - For Dry Skin - USD 6.92

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Product list

Product list

Product list

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