Embarking on a Custom Cosmetics Journey with viaGlamour: A Guide for Aestheticians

For aestheticians seeking to grow their business and add an exclusive touch to their services, launching a custom makeup line is a remarkable step. In this analytical exploration, we shall navigate through the world of private-label manufacturing with viaGlamour, which allows you to craft natural products, personalize packaging, and provides warehousing and shipping services with zero minimum order. We will also evaluate the key factors that impact this venture, including marketing and ethical considerations.

You can create your own makeup, skincare, and beauty products with viaGlamour. Try samples with your branding.

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Create your own products

Create your own makeup line with viaGlamour and accept payments in-person with your Square Terminal for your products.

Private-label manufacturing lets businesses market products under their own brand, without the hassle of production. ViaGlamour is one such manufacturer that specializes in natural cosmetics.

  • ViaGlamour enables you to create bespoke products. As aestheticians, this is particularly significant because it allows for tailored products that cater to different skin types and preferences. This will likely resonate with clients seeking exclusive, customized experiences.
  • The packaging is your brand's visual ambassador. ViaGlamour’s service allows for customization of packaging which can help in creating a unique identity for your brand. This is essential for brand recognition and can also serve as a marketing tool.
  • Warehousing and logistics can be a daunting task. ViaGlamour acts as your warehouse and handles all shipping logistics. This is beneficial as it not only saves time but also reduces initial investment and operational costs.

Starting your makeup line as an aesthetician through viaGlamour’s private-label service can be an enriching expansion. Through careful selection of ingredients, customized packaging, and a well-planned marketing strategy, you can offer your clients exclusive products while growing your business. Being mindful of the environmental and ethical implications of your choices will not only foster a positive brand image but also contribute to responsible entrepreneurship in the beauty industry.

How can I start selling my own products?

You should try samples of a custom product you make with viaGlamour to verify the quality of the products for yourself. It takes a few minutes to select samples and get an order shipped.

Try samples

TGet started on your own cosmetics brand effortlessly with viaGlamour. We offer the flexibility of no minimum orders for personalized products, the freedom to design your own packaging, and the assurance of natural ingredients sourced from Canada.

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Design the packaging

Upload your logo and preview how your products will look with your packaging design. Don't have a design yet? No worries. viaGlamour offers free design options for you to choose from.

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Accept orders online

You have the option to take customer orders online or buy products at wholesale prices for delivery to your business location. With viaGlamour, you can choose the method that works best for you.

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Design your website

We have partnerships with many website builders to help you create a sleek and appealing online checkout experience for your brand. In collaboration with viaGlamour, you can launch a Shopify store, a platform used by renowned brands such as Glossier and Kylie, for just $1 per month.

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individual artistic product designs


individual artistic product designs

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