Aurora Cosmetics vs Blanka vs viaGlamour

When it comes to the dazzling world of beauty, entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for suppliers that not only provide top-quality products but also support in establishing and growing their brands. While Aurora Cosmetics has been a known player in the market, it’s time to uncover a sparkling alternative: viaGlamour.`. An alternative supplier that doesn't use Chinese ingredients in the formulation of our all-natural formulas that you can use to build your cosmetics business.

viaGlamour produces natural colored cosmetics but will pack, ship, and formulate your customer orders on-demand. 
Try samples and compare our products to Aurora Cosmetics and other private-label suppliers sourcing their products from China. You'll be convinced to switch.

Aurora Cosmetics has served as a supplier for various beauty products. However, there are limitations regarding the origins of the ingredients, the extent of services provided to assist brands in taking off, and the focus on natural components, especially in coloured cosmetics.

1. Made in Canada matters.

When you partner with viaGlamour, you can proudly declare that your
products are made in Canada. This assures customers of strict quality
control standards and ethically sourced ingredients. In an industry
where authenticity is highly valued, this becomes a selling point
that can elevate your brand.
2.  Natural Pigments for Coloured Cosmetics

viaGlamour takes the natural route, with pigments that are naturally sourced for colored cosmetics. Notably, their talc-free eyeshadows stand out in purity and performance. This caters to the growing demand for clean beauty products, and consumers who are conscious of what they apply to their skin will be drawn to your line.

3. Free Marketing Services to Launch Your Brand

Here’s where viaGlamour really shines - it doesn’t just provide you with products; it ensures that you have all the tools needed to skyrocket your brand. From setting up your site to optimizing shipping procedures, viaGlamour's free marketing services are akin to having a seasoned beauty business consultant by your side. They also
offer services to help your business evolve with recurring revenue streams, ensuring sustained growth.

Switch to viaGlamour's cosmetics lab with a free trial. Let viaGlamour migrate all of your designs onto new packaging at no-cost to you. Try samples and use viaGlamour only if you love your products.

  • Let viaGlamour pack and ship all of your orders.
  • Let viaGlamour formulate orders as they roll-in.
  • Use the same UPS, USPS, and ChitChats shipping options.
  • Connect your existing website like Squarespace or Shopify.
  • Have orders ship on a weekly schedule to customers.